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Serious Fishing in Yankeetown, FL 

Yankeetown Florida is a beautiful small coastal town along what is known as the “Nature Coast” quietly sitting North of Homosassa and Crystal River.  It has approximately 500 residents which means that it is not a well known “discovered” area of Florida.  The access to the Gulf is mostly through the Withlacoochee River which is a deep freshwater river flowing from the Green Swamp.  It has a hard limestone bottom with lots of nooks and crannies to find fish.  It has an awesome diversity, ranging from freshwater river fishing, which is considered brackish water, to flats fishing on oyster bars and grass, to moving out to ledges and spoil islands.  Take it a step farther and note that we are one of the closest locations aside of Cedar Key to the infamous middle grounds; “gonna need a bigger boat.”

Yankeetown, FLORIDA



I fished with Capt John from Yankeetown Fishing Charters this January. First, the accommodations were fantastic. Captain John’s Wife Liz is a joy.  I enjoy wine and Liz paired our wines with the fish we caught and the wild game John had on hand. A local craftsman built the home from native woods like cypress. Nothing short of spectacular. A lighted boardwalk takes you to several boats available for the day. We caught redfish, black drum, weakfish, snook, grouper, snapper and sheepshead. Tarpon are in the river at different times and the famous Crystal River is a short boat ride away.  I would strongly recommend Yankeetown Fishing Charters and is on my calendar every year.
— Dave J. from Castle Rock
Went out twice with Captain John in early 2017.  First few days we went after Sheepshead and other good eating fish.  Caught more than enough for dinners and to bring some home.  John put us right on the fish and his boat was awesome for going off shore.  

We also did some Tarpon fishing which is why I came back the second time.  While I didn’t catch a tarpon on the first trip, my wife did measuring 70”.  So when the opportunity came in the Spring to go back, I didn’t hesitate.  John had us in the fish the whole time with multiple takes and a good hook up.  So good that after 2 hours and 45 minutes the fish finally found something to snag up on.  

I would highly recommend Captain John to anyone who wants a great fishing experience for either numbers or to chase a large tarpon.  His boats, gear and experience are top notch.  
— KC from Fort Collins

In June of 2017 John Westers invited me to Yankeetown Florida for a tarpon trip in the Withlacoochee river and I couldn’t pass up the trip. Our trip was the best fishing trip of the summer trying to land 200 lb tarpon is amazing. We hooked upon these monsters! Recommend this trip for anyone who has the ambition for really big fish or just a trip out in the flats to slay a multitude of ocean fish that are a blast to hook up on which we did for a day. John knows the area very well and has learned how to fish for any of the species in the area but the tarpon are what I’ll go back for again. 
— Scott W. From Delta
John made my first fishing trip out in the gulf the most magical experience I have ever had! I learned so much from him and found a true love for fishing and being on the water! 
— Nicole M. From Fort Collins
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Captain John is a great fisherman, teacher and is passionate about pursuing Tarpon.  I have learned more in 1 season from John than most people are exposed to in a lifetime.  He is the “Real Deal”.  I close my eyes & can visualize that huge Tarpon leaping & exploding in & out of the water; trust me it’s a rush that every true angler must experience.  John Westers is the Captain that can make it happen while having fun at the same time.   
— Don from Pittsburgh