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What you need to KNow

Sun, heat, cold, bugs, rain, wind, allergies, 

Sun: Please bring clothing to protect from the sun, lightweight clothing, convertible pants/shorts, collared long sleeve shirts, and sunscreen are the best protection.   Wide brimmed hats help a ton, both for visibility and sunscreen.  Polarized sunglasses are recommended. The fingerless gloves for sun are a great addition. 

Heat: Drink plenty of water, breathable clothing, and hats.

Cold: I like wool socks as they are very good in both heat and cold, long underwear and rain jacket/pants are all good things.  A stocking cap is great while running from spot to spot if it is cool out. Winter fishing can feel like a true winter when we're on the water, as there is always the chance of getting wet, starting the day with fog and a strong chill from the humid air. Better to have more layers than not. 

Rain: Rain gear is a must, even though we only wore it one day last winter. When it's damp it makes the air cold, especially when riding in a boat at speed.

Wind: Rain gear or ski jackets are great for wind (and rain and cold). Being from Colorado, I've found that many of my outdoor wear works great. 

Insects: No-see-ums are abundant at times, typically Fall to Spring especially at dusk.  Long sleeves and pants with socks and shoes are a great protectant. Mosquitos are also around but more so in the Summertime. If it is calm, we usually head out to open water where the bugs are almost non existent and we like to fish in the river and protected water when windy, which eliminates bugs also.

Allergies: We are in a humid environment which may cause some allergies. Please remember to bring your own medication. Food allergies are something we need to be aware of so we can plan ahead.

Agility and Ability:  There are so many variabilities in abilities for each person, so we'd love to talk with you before you book. It will help us all come to an understanding of the level of immersement you'd like to achieve. 

Weather/Rescheduling/Cancelations: Extreme weather never invites a good outcome for fishing. Hurricanes, cold temperatures and other FL weather-related situations may provide for discussion about adjusting your trip. We've all tried to push through, but we would prefer that you have an incredible experience.  

Shoes: Please come prepared with boat-friendly shoes. Ask us what you may need for the type of fishing you'll be doing.  Shoes for protection from sun, water and other situations may be necessary.